Lose it!


Friends had dinner with us Friday night – steaks, mashed potatoes, cheese cake, lots of wine :). All the time bemoaing and relishing losing track of our diets. Next day remorse, though. Self hatred, memories of great mashed potatoes. Ah, the cycles of love.

The saving grace, however, was an Iphone app – “Lose It” and the app is free. I totally love it. Plug in your present weight, your  goal, how long you want to go before you reach your goal – you’re in. Nice collection of fast food restaurant menus, ability to plug in your own recipes, and an easy way to plug in your normal food – and repeat when needed.

Also, an  exercise library – which can be repeated as your own activity exercise events. I walk the dogs for 20 minutes. Get 60 calories. Who cares how exact. You have your goal. In your heart you know what’s true.

There’s even a nice graph that charts your weight loss. Inspiring to see.

And the app is free. If you want to “Lose it” Get it. Here.

3 thoughts on “Lose it!”

  1. Hey Barb, that sounds great. Seems to be just what I need – except I’d need an iPhone to run it on, too. ;)

    No, honestly, I’m fed up with my weight challenge. Gotta do something about it, and RSN. We already modified our food habits towards the healthier stuff – more salad, more veggies, if meat then poultry… And as soon as I get back from hospital, I’ll start working out.

  2. Yes – it’s really a great little app – I’d pay for it but it’s free :) Really – it structures and disciplines, does all the math, has a nice library of commercial and fast foods as well as the ability to store special recipes. Motivating. I lost 30 and will begin with it again this March to lose additional pounds. (Was holding my own through the winter)

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